GH Engineering Stone Fork

Hydraulic Adjustment Stone Fork

A very heavy duty stone fork with profiled back. Fits to the three point and comes with hydraulic adjustment for easy use. The curved back acts as a riddle while retaining the large stones. Comes with high quality tines as standard. Available in different sizes.

GH Engineering Stone Fork

Front End Loader Stone Fork

This Stone Fork comes with Front end Loader attachments. Heavy duty construction with high quality tines. Most types of loader attachments are available.

Comes standard at 8 FT though other sizes are available.  

GH Enineering Loader Bucket

Loader Bucket

A heavy duty loader bucket with inside supports. A hardox wiper blade for long life. Large capacity and easy lifting .

GH Engineering Bale Lifter


Double Bale Lifter

The GH Engineeing bale lifter is a strong and reliable option. Made from the best materials and solid construction, this bale lifter will give years of touble free use. Available in single bale or double, and the option of hydraulic opening.

GH Engineering Multi Bale Lifter

Multi Bale Lifter

The GH Engineering Multi Bale Lifter is designed to handle both midi and large square bales and round bales up to 6 feet in diameter.

Note: The combined weight of bales to be lifted should not exceed 1200kgs in total.

The Multi Bale Lifter is worked with two double acting cyclinder, which lifts the bales securely.

GH Engineering Post Driver

Post Driver


The ultimate post driver, this machine is a must-have for the serious farmers or contractors. A high output post driver, with great side and rear shift capacity, and terrific stability in virtually any terrain.

Copes with the most difficult tasks while easy to operate and maintain. It attaches to the three point linkage and fits all models of tractor.

The 250kg solid steel hammer will drive just about anything, anywhere and at any angle. Posts are driven quickly, cleanly and accurately and the hammer impact can be completely controlled, to deliver anything from a feather light tap to a full impact.

The machine can operate in the most awkward terrain and difficult situations with ease.

GH Engineering Buckrake


GH Engineering Bale Spike

Bale Spike