Lorry Bodies


The GH Engineering Lorry bodies are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure years of service. Flat bed Bodies can come with beaver tail and ramps, crate sides and tool boxes.

The GH Engineering Livestock Lorry Bodies can be manufactured using box section or flats for the sides. This gives a greater use of space. The frame can be galvanised or painted, and the sides are sheeted with Aluminium that is a heavier gage than what most livestock bodies are manufactured with. This ensures that holes and bumps do not appear.  

GH Engineering lorry bodies

Flat bed/ Beaver tailer Body

Our range of flat bed and beaver tail Lorry bodies are manufactioned to the customers specifations. Ask for details on the available options.

The Body can be painted or galavinsed with a range of options for the floor.

Ramps can be fitted a work on hydaulics with a remote control option.

GH Eng engineering lorry bodies

Livestock Body

Our range of livestock Lorry Bodies are built to the highest standards. Heavy duty construction and careful design taking into the customers specifactions.

A large range of options are available such as decks, doors and finishes. Can be manufactured using box section or flats on the sides.

The Body can be galvanised or painted, and using a heavy gauge of Alumumim sides for long life and to elimate damage to side panels.