Slurry Tankers


The Only Slurry Tanker Worth Having  

All our Slurry tankers are manufactured using 6mm high quality steel. Internal implosion rings are fitted to all tanks and fitting to an 8mm full length chassis ensuring maximum support and balance. This enables spreading systems to be mounted to the Tank while maintaining the stability of the tank.

All fitting on the Tanker are galvanized ensure years of service. Inspection door at the side of the tanker enables the fitting of the spreading systems.

Standard Features

  • Primary and Secondary syphon's to protect the pump.
  • Sprung heavy duty drawbar made from 8mm plate, reducing stress on tankers and tractor.
  • Long life Battioni vacuum pump.
  • 18' suction hose.
  •  4 fill points and 2 quick attach valves as standard.
  • Ready to take speading equipment such as dribble bars and trailing shoes.
  • Sight glasses on the front of tanker to allow the used to see the filling height.

Tanker Options

When buying a Slurry Tanker, one of the most important decisions you will be faced with is the choice of tyre to suit your needs. We here at GH Engineering will advise you on what choices to make taking into consideration you particular situation.

We also can add extras to your tanker such as Auto Filler (6 or 8 inch), Hydraulic pump change over, SAFALLA arm (Self Alinging Fully Automatic Locking and Latching Arm), extra lights, sight glass pipe fitted on front, and other options available on request.

We can design the tanker to your specification.




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